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Title: Options Paper and background papers on the review of Ontario's Waste Diversion Act

Date: February 2009

Description: In October 2008 the Ontario government began broad public consultation for its 5-year review of the Waste Diversion Act by releasing the discussion paper Toward a Zero Waste Future and launching a consultation period that was to end on January 15, 2009 but has since been extended to April 1, 2009.

CIELAP has undertaken its own review of the goals and objectives of the WDA and the results achieved under the legislation thus far. As part of this review, CIELAP conducted interviews with a broad range of stakeholders that included representatives from industry, municipalities, environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs), lawyers, academics, media and others. CIELAP also held a multi-stakeholder Roundtable to explore the possibilities for reforming the WDA.

   CIELAP's Options Paper on Ontario's Review of the Waste Diversion Act reflects the
   views and opinions of respondents from CIELAP's interviews and the participants at
   CIELAP's Roundtable.

   An Options Paper on Ontario’s Review of the Waste Diversion Act (500 KB)

Background Papers:
An Introduction to Ontario’s Waste Diversion Act (92 KB)
An Overview of Current WDA Programs And Designated Materials (78 KB)
A Brief History of Waste Diversion in Ontario (113 KB)
Ontario’s Waste Diversion Act: Moving Beyond Recycling (133 KB)

More information about the government's review process and how you can provide your comments can be found on Ontario's Environmental Registry.