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Sustainable Development and Sustainability

Toronto Consultation on Rio+20 – Event Proceedings
June 2011

A Green Economy for Canada: Consulting with Canadians
April 2011

CIELAP Brief – Implementation of the Federal Sustainable Development Act
June 2009

CIELAP Brief – Sustainable Consumption and Production and the 2010/2011 review/policy cycle of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development
May 2009

2008 Partnering for Sustainability Workshop Proceedings - Achieving Resilient Agricultural Systems: Innovation, People and Partnerships
Nov 2008

2005 Partnering for Sustainability Conference Proceedings
Nov 2005

Sustainable Development in Canada: 2005 Update
Le développement durable au Canada: Mise à jour 2005
Mar 2005

Developing Canada's Federal Partnerships: Policy Considerations in the Resource and Environmental Fields
Mar 2005

Getting the Most Out of Partnerships
Mar 2005

How to Make a Partnership Work
Mar 2005

A Guide to Policy for Partnerships in Canada
Mar 2005

Evaluating Two Partnerships
Mar 2005

2nd bi-annual Partnering for Sustainability Conference: Leveraging the Synergies of Multiple Stakeholders to Minimize our Ecological Footprint, May 2004 – proceedings
May 2004

The Current State of Sustainability Impact Assessments of Trade Policies
Oct 2003

International and National Governance
Oct 2003

Developing Meaningful Sustainability Partnerships
Apr 2003

Partnering for Sustainability Resource Centre

Partnering for Sustainability Conference, April 2002 proceedings

Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Earth Summit @ 10: A Canadian Perspective

The Role of Public Participation in the Impact Assessment of Trade Process: Speaker paper for the Impact Assessment for Industrial Development

Leadership in Sustainability: A Youth Internship Program for the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy

Sustainable Development in Canada: A New Federal Plan
Sept 2001

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