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CIELAP's 4th Partnering for Sustainability Workshop

Achieving Resilient Agricultural Systems: Innovation, People and Partnerships
November 13 and 14, 2008

Download Workshop Proceedings (493 KB)

Download Workshop Presentations

Resilient Agricultural Systems (537 KB) - Dr. Jean-Charles Le Vallée

Valuing Landscape Services (1105 KB) - Ian Campbell

Creating Incentives to Support Local Sustainable Food and Farmers (2359 KB) - Mike Schreiner

Soybean Crops in Canada: A case study on Sustainability in Agricultural Systems (1253 KB) - Dale Petrie

Relevance, Direction and Links to Environment (1488 KB) - Jamshed Merchant

The Environmental Farm Plan and Related Initiatives (2042 KB) - Maxine Kingston, Micheline Begin, and Paul Smith

Partnerships in Environmental Stewardship Environmental Farm Plan (28 KB) - John FitzGibbon

Download Case Studies Submitted by Participants

Huron Payment for Ecological Goods and Services Pilot Project - Susanna Reid

Huron County Payment for Ecological Goods and Services Pilot Project - Kate Monk

Rural-Urban Linkages for Local Food in the City of Guelph/County of Wellington Landscape - Karen Landman

Ontario’s Agricultural Best Management Practices: Diverse Partnerships for Diverse Solutions - Peter Sykanda

Sustainable Agriculture in the Nation’s Capital Greenbelt - Cynthia Levesque

Case studies from Vermont - Building Farmer-Chef Relationships; Cultivating the Conservation Ethic... - Tracey McCowen

Eat Local Caledon - Karen Hutchinson

Environmental Impacts of Organic Agriculture: A Canadian Perspective - Matt Holmes

Download Workshop Discussion Papers

Valuing landscape services
Local food systems and urban-rural linkages
Agricultural production systems