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CIELAP - Spring 2010 Newsletter

CIELAP informs legislative, policy and regulatory outcomes for Sustainability at the national and provincial/territorial levels of Canadian government.

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Recent CIELAP Publications

Ontario’s Greenbelt in an International Context (March 2010)

AHGPcover The goal of permanently protecting Ontario’s Greenbelt is central to the vision articulated in the Greenbelt Plan. CIELAP's report documents the experience of greenbelts around the world and identifies lessons applicable to ensuring the permanence of Ontario’s Greenbelt, which this year achieves its five-year milestone. This report highlights greenbelts in nine jurisdictions outside of Ontario: London, UK Green Belt; the Netherlands’ Green Heart and Randstad region; the Copenhagen, Denmark Finger Plan; Germany’s Iron Curtain Green Belt; the Frankfurt, Germany Green Belt; the Melbourne, Australia Green Wedges; the Portland, Oregon Urban Growth Boundary; British Columbia’s Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR); and the São Paulo City Green Belt Biosphere Reserve in Brazil. Download the report

Input from Canadian NGOs to the Canadian Delegation to the UN Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD 18-19) (February 2010)

In February 2010 the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada invited the Canadian Environmental Network to coordinate the consolidation of ENGO priorities for the thematic cluster of the 18th and 19th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD): transport, chemicals, waste management (hazardous and solid waste), mining and the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production. This paper, which was primarily written by Randy Christensen of Ecojustice and edited by Carolyn Webb of CIELAP, outlines the aspirations Canadian NGOs have for the upcoming CSD and discusses the challenges and context surrounding these objectives. Download the report

Enhancing the Flow of Ecological Goods and Services to Society: Key Principles for the Design of Marginal and Ecologically Significant Agricultural Land Retirement Programs in Canada (February 2010)

AHGPcover This research, written by CIELAP intern Tristan Knight, examines the potential contribution of payments for retiring and restoring marginal and ecologically significant agricultural land to natural cover (forest, wetland, and grassland). Six case studies from the United States and Canada were selected for evaluation. The first set of three cases are federal programs, and include the Conservation Reserve Program (US), Wetlands Reserve Program (US), and Greencover – Land Conversion (Canada). The second set of three cases are Canadian pilot projects operating at a local scale, and include Alternative Land Use Services (Blanshard, Manitoba), Payments for Environmental Goods and Services (Huron County, Ontario), and Total Phosphorus Management (South Nation River, Ontario). Download the report

Moving Toward a Soft Path Approach? A Case Study of Water Management in Guelph, Ontario (January 2010)

AHGPcover CIELAP Policy Researcher Matt Binstock authored this report as a summary of the learning outcomes from his Water Policy Fellowship with the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation and CIELAP. The report provides an overview of water management policies and practices in the city of Guelph, Ontario, within the broader context of growth pressures on water resources in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region of Ontario, recent research on water demand management, soft path planning and public opinion polling on water issues. Download the report

Upcoming CIELAP Research and Projects

Aggregates Research
Over the course of 2010 CIELAP will be working on a research initiative entitled Towards an Aggregates Conservation Strategy for Ontario in response to the recent release of the State of the Aggregate Resource in Ontario Study published by the Ministry of Natural Resources in February 2010. The MNR has committed to developing an aggregates conservation strategy, which presents a rare opportunity for conservation organizations and other stakeholders to provide recommendations that will contribute to greater balance between aggregates extraction activities and environmental protection. If you are interested in our work or have information to contribute please get in touch with Matt Binstock or Maureen Carter-Whitney.

Mentors Wanted
As part of our new Youth in Sustainability Programme, CIELAP is looking for individuals willing to serve as mentors. Mentors would be asked to provide insights and guidance into preparing effective policy papers as well as advice on careers in the field of public policy. If you are interested in being a mentor to students in our youth programme, please Contact Praan, our Youth Engagement Programme Coordinator.

Please donate to CIELAP. CIELAP is an independent, charitable environmental policy think-tank. Your donation will help us continue our policy analysis and bring our recommendations to policy makers. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

Government News

Consultation on a Federal Sustainable Development Strategy
In March 2010, the Federal government presented its consultation paper Planning for a Sustainable Future: A Federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada. The government has stated that this proposal is intended to strengthen how it promotes environmental sustainability, and improve the transparency and accountability of how it will do so. We encourage readers to access CIELAP’s Brief on Implementing the Federal Sustainable Development Act and to participate in the government's consultation process.

Bill C-494: Nanotechnology
In March 2010, the Canadian government introduced Bill C-494, which would amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) to include procedures for the investigation and assessment of nanomaterials. The proposed changes to CEPA would include amending sections to list nanotechnology as an area of concern, or a field under which human and environmental health must be protected via safe and effective use of technology. CIELAP is very pleased to see that the government is taking initiative on this issue. We encourage readers to access CIELAP’s 2007 and 2008 Discussion Papers on Nanotechnology for more information about existing policy challenges and the present lack of scientific information and policy tools available to address this issue.

Canada-Ontario Agreement on the Great Lakes Extended to March 2011
On March 31 2010, provincial and federal governments extended the Canada-Ontario Agreement on the Great Lakes’ expiry from March 2010 to March 2011. The agreement establishes an action plan and divides responsibilities between the federal and provincial governments in order to meet Canada’s commitments under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. The extensions allows for Great Lakes environmental protection work to continue while Canada negotiates amendments to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement with the United States. Projects for 2010-2011 include: preventing invasive species fro entering Lake Superior; managing algal blooms on Lake Huron beaches; controlling nutrients from urban and rural sources around Lake Erie; and protecting the biodiversity of significant Lake Ontario shorelines and watersheds. We encourage readers to access CIELAP’s 2007 and 2008 reports on Great Lakes pollution, biodiversity, and groundwater allocation.

Postings on the Ontario Environmental Registry

Legislative Framework for Modernizing Environmental Approvals (EBR Registry # 010-9143) – The Ministry of the Environment is seeking public comment on a proposed framework for modernizing the current Certificate of Approvals process in Ontario. This would amend the Environmental Protection Act and the Ontario Water Resources Act. Reforms would include a simplified categorization scheme for activities’ risk, provisions for single or multi site approvals, and measures to increase transparency to the public and efficiency of service for business. Comments will be accepted until April 16 2010.

Development of a Management Plan for Brighton Provincial Wildlife Area (EBR Registry # 010-5497) – The Ministry of Natural Resources is seeking public comment on a proposed management plan that would recognize the significance of natural heritage features and recreational opportunities provided by the Brighton Provincial Wildlife Area, and promote responsible stewardship. The plan would also establish and provide policy direction that will guide the use, development, conservation, operation and management of the area. Comments will be accepted until April 19 2010.


Upcoming Green Screens Film Showings in Partnership with the NFB
Wednesday May 5, 7pm – Arctic Circle – Episode 1: On Thin Ice . Climate change is hitting the Arctic harder and faster than any other region on Earth. Although the North may seem remote from the population centres of the world, this is where the impact of human activity - sensitive ecosystems forever altered by climate change - is felt the most. In Episode 1 we meet international teams of scientists who are chronicling the effects of climate change on the land and its animal inhabitants. We see huge ice shelves crumbling into the sea, polar bears struggling to survive and torrents of water flowing where there should be only ice.

Join us after the screening for a panel discussion with Dr. Peter J. Ewins, Senior Officer, Species Conservation, WWF-Canada. The screening will be held at NFB Mediatheque, 150 John St (at Richmond St W), Toronto, ON.

CIELAP Sustainability Event with Bob Willard

AHGPcover On Wednesday March 31, CIELAP hosted a speaking event with Bob Willard at Ogilvy Renault LLP. Bob is a world-famous expert and thought leader on the business value of corporate sustainability strategies. He shared his knowledge and made a strong case for more sustainable business practices.

All proceeds from CIELAP’s Sustainability Event will go to helping foster a healthy environment, balanced by a supportive economy and social equity. Special thanks to Bob for his engaging presentation; to Ogilvy Renault LLP for hosting the evening; and to our generous sponsors Konzelmann Estate Winery, reds Bistro & Wine Bar and Celebration Party Rentals.

Profiles of New CIELAP Staff

Matt Binstock, Policy Researcher
Matt recently joined the CIELAP research team after completing a 2008-2009 Water Policy Fellowship supported by the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation. The fellowship project centered on an investigation of water issues related to urban growth in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe Region, focusing specifically on the efforts of Guelph, Ontario to develop and implement an aggressive water conservation and efficiency strategy. Matt’s current research interests include land use planning, water policy and aggregate resources management. Matt holds a MES degree in planning from York University and a bachelors degree in environmental studies from Trent University. Contact Matt

Praan Misir, Youth Engagement Programme Co-ordinator
A recent addition to CIELAP, Praan is responsible for coordinating CIELAP’s youth programme, and he is responsible for CIELAP’s foray into the social media world. Praan has had extensive experience with community engagement at the university level, having been significantly involved with orientation planning and other student leadership activities during his time at university. He holds a Bachelors degree in Ecology and Environmental Chemistry from the University of Toronto. Contact Praan

Raul Pacheco-Vega
Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega recently joined the CIELAP team both to undertake research and as CIELAP's Regional Director for Western Canada. A specialist in comparative environmental policy with a focus on North America, Raul has investigated a broad variety of issues, including the patterns of urban/industrial restructuring under multiple stressors, the adoption of information-dissemination environmental policy instruments and new models of water and wastewater governance. As CIELAP's Lead Researcher on Water and Climate Change, Raul plans to investigate the state of water policy and its adaptability to climate change in Canada. Raul is also spearheading CIELAP's expansion efforts to the Western Provinces as formulated in our Strategic Plan. Raul holds a PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies from The University of British Columbia, a MBA/MEng in Technology Management (UBC) and a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering (Universidad de Guanajuato). Contact Raul

Kate Skipton, National and International Relationships Coordinator
Kate returned to CIELAP in January 2010 to co-ordinate CIELAP’s outreach efforts. As a 2007 summer research intern, Kate had learned how CIELAP’s research fills an important gap by influencing law and policy for a more sustainable future. Kate recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a J.D. and has a Master of Arts in History from the Memorial University of Newfoundland. Contact Kate

Call for Specialized Volunteers

System Administrator
We are looking for someone to help support the network, servers and desktops for our small office on an as-needed basis (we are currently using Microsoft Office 2003, Windows XP, and Microsof Windows Small Business Server 2003). Please contact Carolyn if you can offer your assistance (can include an interest in learning).

Communications Specialist
Help us finalise and implement our communications strategy (including outreach to media, trade journals, etc...), develop our style guide, and implement other communications approaches. Please contact Carolyn if this might interest you.

Financial Planner
We are looking for a volunteer with financial planning expertise to help CIELAP develop and launch our new planned giving program. Please contact Kate if you can help.

Web Designer
If you can help CIELAP design a new interactive website we'd love to hear from you. Please contact Carolyn.

Request for Computers

We would greatly appreciate contributions of gently used desktops computers or laptops for our office. Please contact Carolyn if you can make such a contribution.

Other CIELAP News

Environmental Law Centre in South Africa
CIELAP has been working for several years with the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) on the establishment of an environmental law centre in South Africa. The Centre is gaining strength, and is now registered with the South African Law Society, a body of about 120 member organizations. WESSA is presently appointing staff, and is opening an office, as well as starting several national pilot projects this year. The organization has appointed a board of directors, is a registered S21 company, and is applying for NPO and PBO status.

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