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Land Use (Agriculture, Biodiversity, Food, Mining, etc...)

Policy Obstacles to Brownfield Redevelopment in Ontario
June 2011

Greening Stormwater Management in Ontario
June 2011

Aggregate Extraction in Ontario: A Strategy for the Future
March 2011

CIELAP's Online Guide to Brownfield Redevelopment: What You Should Know
January 2011

Nurturing Fruit and Vegetable Processing in Ontario
June 2010

Ontario’s Greenbelt in an International Context (2010 update)
March 2010

Enhancing the Flow of Ecological Goods and Services to Society: Key Principles for the Design of Marginal and Ecologically Significant Agricultural Land Retirement Programs in Canada
February 2010

CIELAP Brief – Biosolids Management in Ontario
June 2009

Reducing and Phasing Out the Use of Antibiotics and Hormone Growth Promoters in Canadian Agriculture
April 2009

Balancing Needs Minimizing Conflicts – A Proposal for a Mining Modernization Act, 2008
October 2008

Bringing Local Food Home: Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Barriers to Local Food
December 2008

Biosolids in Mine Reclamation? A Review of the Literature
Jul 2008

Ontario’s Greenbelt in an International Context: Comparing Ontario’s Greenbelt to its Counterparts in Europe and North America
April 2008

Report on Quebec: The People's Summit and the Free Trade Areas of the Americas (FTAA) Symposium with respect to biodiversity
April 2001

Mining's Many Faces: Environmental Mining Law and Policy in Canada

Protecting, Conserving and Restoring Biodiversity in Ontario (An Environmental Agenda for Ontario paper)
March 1999

A Sustainable Food and Agriculture Agenda for Ontario (An Environmental Agenda for Ontario paper)
March 1999

Protecting the Biodiversity of the Americas
January 1997

Biodiversity Law and Policy in Canada: Review and Recommendations
August 1996