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Citizen's Guides and Fact Sheets

Factsheet: A Perspective and Recommendations on Biotechnology Policy
Oct 2008

Hazardous Waste Factsheet
Jun 2006

Innovative Technologies: Focus on Biotechnology and Nanotechnology (Factsheets and Background paper)
Mar 2006

A Citizen's Guide to Pollution Prevention
Mar 2005

Teacher's Guide to the National Pollutant Release Inventory
Jan 2005

A Citizen's Guide to Biotechnology: Helping citizen's have a real say in the development of biotechnology in Canada
Mar 2002

Citizens' Guide to the National Pollutant Release Inventory (English version)
Un Guide de Citoyen pour l'interpretation de L'Inventaire National des Rejets de Pollutants (En français)
May 2000

Mining's Many Faces: Environmental Mining Law and Policy in Canada
Las Caras Multiples de la Mineria: Politicas Y Leyes Ambiantales Que Rigen la Mineria en Canada (Spanish version)

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