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Stakeholder Workshop to Discuss an Appropriate Policy Framework for Nanotechnology
March 16 2007, 9 – 4pm


The emergence of novel technologies is an issue that cuts across CIELAP’s different areas of research; in particular the rapid development of biotechnologies and nanotechnologies.

CIELAP has held two Stakeholder Workshop to Discuss an Appropriate Policy Framework for Nanotechnology. These workshops brought together multiple stakeholders, with a cross-section of perspectives, including government, industry, non-profits, and academics, to discuss how to move towards an appropriate policy framework for nanotechnology.

Workshop #2: February 22 2008, 8:30am - 5pm

2008 Workshop Agenda

2008 Workshop Proceedings

Powerpoint Presentation - Bernard Made, Environment Canada

Reference Paper 1 - Ethics and nanotechnology: a basis for action (Commission de l'ethique de la science et de la technologie)

Reference Paper 2 - Nanotechnology Risk Governance: Recommendations for a global, coordinated approach to the governance of potential risks (International Risk Governance Council)

Workshop #1: March 16 2007, 9am -4pm

2007 Workshop Agenda

2007 Workshop Proceedings

2007 Discussion Paper on a Policy Framework for Nanotechnology

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